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Dec 29

How to Fold a Flag: Similar Patriotic Films

By Tammy Solano | News , Reviews , Screenings , Top Movies

The Ground Truth

Directed by Patricia Foulkrod, this war documentary tells the story of veterans soldiers in the war of Iraq. The film follows upthe ground truth movie poster the ground truth movie poster the ground truth movie posterthe story of individual soldiers, who after coming back from deployment, must face the disturbing war memories that haunt them every day. The Ground Truth displays the struggle of soldiers affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and how they try to gain their normal lives back in a society was war is absent.

The veterans we follow in this movie show their stories before, during, and after their deployment to Iraq. Before joining the battle ground, they all joined the US army for different reasons, each soldier coming from a different path. After being sent to war with nothing more than some basic training, these soldiers faced the cruelty of war and lived with the consequences after being sent back home. After trying to adapt back in a normal society, we see how each soldier faces their demons separately.

Each character lives a different story after war. Robert, who lost a hand and a foot to a grenade explosion, became a US army specialist after serving time in Iraq prevented him from falling in prison. Charles, who was diagnosed with PTSD after war, overcame his disorder and became an anti-war activist and supported multiple movements for returning veterans. Jeffery, who also suffered PTSD, committed suicide. His parents then became anti-war activists.

Operation Homecoming

The Operation Homecoming was an accord between Vietnam and the United States, in which almost 600 soldiers from the operation homecoming movie posterUnited States were released from South Vietnam after being captured as war prisoners.
This agreement brought an end to the participation of United States in the war of Vietnam. Prior to Operation Homecoming, the United States had still around 1400 soldiers listed as war prisoners or missing in action in Vietnam, so they demanded the release of around 1100 more soldiers reported as diseased in the battleground and whose bodies were never recovered.

The film of the same name, whose director was Richard E. Robbins, showcased the story of multiple writings made by United States military veterans who had assisted war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was complemented by war footage from the media and multiple pictures. The film was based on these writings, which consisted of personal journals, information from letters sent by soldiers to their relatives, field reports and other sources collected during war.

Gunner Palace

Directed by Michael Tucker, Gunner Palace is a war documentary film that narrates the events of the Iraqi war during 2003 gunner palaceand 2004. It was released in 2005 to limited audiences. In the film, Tucker shows us the story of 400 American soldiers who carried out their mission from a bombed-out pleasure palace that once belonged to the infamous terrorist Saddam Hussein.

Gunner Palace displays the cruel events of the Iraqi war, including segments that were not shown by the war news. The film is based on the stories of American soldiers who were located in the central (and most dangerous) part of Baghdad. It features segments narrated by U.S. military veterans themselves, in the middle of the occurrences.
It documented military operations from multiple battalions, division and brigades and follow the stories of the soldiers in it. After multiple military movements within Baghdad, they troops are stationed in the luxury palace, which was later assigned the name of Fort Apache, a.k.a. Gunner Palace. The film documents raw scenes and events, some recreated digitally and some filmed by first-hand with United States soldiers.

my gunner palace
Nov 25

Gunner Palace (2004) – Veterans Must Watch Movie

By Tammy Solano | News , Reviews , Top Movies

Just a bit over 7 years have passed since we were in Baghdad to begin the recording of Gunner Palace. During that season, our child became 8 years old and passed to 3rd grade. At that moment, we thought war would end before Christmas arrived. During November 1st 2003, Gunners had their first casualty, Lieutenant Ben Colgan lost his life to an IED. By the time Christmas arrived, two more casualties had occurred. At some point, Saddam’s hideout was discovered; everyone thought war was coming to an end now, but they were all wrong.

The following spring came with rebellion and Lynndie England converted into a domestic name. The gunners had one more casualty at their doorstep. After a short period, their mission was prolonged and they were deployed to Najaf. They returned home on July 2004, but the war was far from finishing. During Thanksgiving, barricades were all over Falluja.

Gunner Palace Released 2 Years After The War

Two years of war had passed when the film Gunner Palace reached theatres during March 2005. When I traveled again to gunner palaceBaghdad during May of that same year to investigate, insecurity was at its brightest moment. In order to reach the center of Baghdad, I had to travel with a military squad seriously fortified. A few months later, refugees from Iraq started to cross the border amassed in millions, I was in Amman recording The Prisoner. In 2007 winter arrived, and with it came loads and loads of deaths because of the political war in Baghdad.

We chose to finish a project started back in 2003, which consisted of a close-up on a German businessman who brought bulletproof vehicles into Baghdad, where he would then sell them. The project was called Bulletproof Salesman. When we met him again during 2007, he had left Iraq seeing as it was too risky for a big part of his customers. Instead, he went to Afghanistan, where he seemed to make way more money. We then arrived in Kabul, and just 48 hours after, a police transport vehicle was blown by the Taliban. This attack caused the death of over 40 police officers. Seven days after, we arrived back in the US. It felt like another planet, in the US war was considered taboo; unfortunate events that occur to other countries. Many years ago, a young Gunner told us

“This might be a movie for you all, but this is our everyday life.”

War footage was restricted to only a few minutes every week.

War – Part Of Life

In 2008, the war became 5 years old, despite only being supposed to endure 3 weeks. At this point, we started recording what later became the successor of How to Fold a Flag (2009) movie. Over a year passed, a new president came, we had traveled over 100,000 miles and the film was finally finished. However, there still was no sight of an end – we understood that regardless of the distance, war became a segment of our life. The following season, our daughter had become 14 years old, she was already in high-school. Her generation saw war as a persistent event, something without reason, history or any politics involved; for them, it was only a thing that Americans did.
Note: This film isn’t a documentation of war; instead, it’s a documentation of countries facing war.

how to fold a flag movie review - US flag
Sep 25

How to Fold A Flag (2009) – Movie Review

By Tammy Solano | News , Reviews , Screenings , The Film , Top Movies

During a memorial, the American flag is folded. Every fold is meant to symbolize a value: liberty, unity, justice, perseverance, hardiness, valor, purity, innocence, sacrifice, honor, independence and truth. Soldiers are told that these values are what they protect when they go to war. This film is the third continuation of Michael Tucker’s Iraq war films. How to Fold a Flag explains the story of multiple war veterans we saw in the first film, Gunner Palace. We now follow up on their lives after 5 years from their homecoming after their service at Iraq.

“Second Camera” View on The Iraq War

This film provides its own perspective about the Iraq war, and how it slowly started to diminish in the public interest. Tucker reminds us that the war is not over on the field; for veterans, war never stops. War becomes part of the live of multiple veterans and their families; things happen at war that you’ll never be able to forget, it’s an irreparable damage.
There’s some controversy whether the film takes side on a specific campaign (Jon Powers’) or not, but it’s a matter of perspective. The principal idea consists of the stories of those veterans we’re following, and the stories they tell with their own mouth. The film is an excellent way to explain the life of a veteran soldier, before, during, and after a war. During war, soldiers are all the same, with the same guns, and the same uniform. After feeling as pawns, and seeing things that change their lives forever, their humanity starts to fade. Every veteran has his own motive for going to war, and every veteran follows their own path after returning.

The War After An War!US veteran marine bow headed

You would normally think that you assist war, you return, and then it’s all over. But the cruel reality is extremely different for those who live in constant combat and disturbing situations. They experience events that follow them, that stops them from sleeping, and that sometimes ends up demolishing them. After they return home from war, these memories follow them back home.

Our characters consist of Stuart Wilf, a local shop clerk living in Colorado who participates in a metal band. After war, important scars were marked on him, both physically and emotionally. No one knows where Stuart wants to end up.
Jon Powers, who gave additional service as a policeman, decided to raise a non-lucrative organization to aid Iraqi kids. He continued his life and launched his campaign for Congress without much trouble, but some memories still continue to haunt him.

The Inside War Scar – How To Fold A Flag (2009 Movie Review

Javorn Drummond, another of the soldiers we followed, attended college and began his studies. On the outside, everything how to fold a flag 2009- movie sceneseems fine about him; a warm personality, a moving smile and an impressive progress. However, the inside is a completely different thing.

Lastly, our most troubled soldier. Michael Goss went home and fell into a state of depression and constant anxiety. He started to fight professionally all around Texas. He carries with him on his clothes some of the names of his former army buddies whom he had lost back in Iraq, and in his mind he carries some very unpleasant memories. Michael is the one with most post-war issues.

Sarcasm: The Cure of Materialism – War!

How To Fold A Flag (2009) – Movie “Shout Out”

During wars, it seems as if some people’s losses are extremely high when compared to others. During war, all of your feelings fade away. Luxury, envy, materialism, none of that matters; the only thing in your mind is your wish to stay alive. Once you return home, it seems as is war is over. However, for the veterans who were in Iraq, things are completely different. Their losses grow greater every time, and the level of gratitude from the community towards them diminishes over time, to the point where they are seen as plain veterans that just went to a mission and came back. Soldiers come home only to be received by injustice and under-appreciation.

Pain attacks every soldier differently. Stuart would probably blame everyone else for his fury and agony, and discharge his anger towards the community and the people who surround him. Other soldiers, such as Michael, would probably start blaming themselves instead. Many things go through the mind of Iraq veterans, things that are perfectly hidden on the outside, things that no one would normally notice when looking into their eyes.

The Sad Story Backed By Patriotic Feelings


The producers of these films showcase the impacting stories of these four veterans who left more than “something” on the combat ground. They show us how every soldier comes from a different path, with a different reason, and end up all together serving the same purpose, for the same country.

During the film Tucker introduces the story of a grieving father whose son, a solider deployed to Iraq, wasn’t able to make it back home. This is a reminder that there’s a bigger struggle than the one faced by the veterans who return home. A sad, cold truth, war doesn’t only affect soldiers; it expands all the way through their relatives, who suffer just as much as the soldier themselves. These emotional breakdowns and collateral damages let us really see what the true cost of war is.

Close to the end, the film tries to project a positive message. It tells us that for returning soldiers, there’s a prospective future ahead of them. For every measurable loss, there’s an immeasurable gain. Unfortunately, this isn’t true; war extends on veteran soldiers for years, decades, and even whole lives in some cases, and those who don’t make it back home.
How to Fold a Flag movie is an impacting reminder of how war deteriorates a country, a city, a live, and a family. These kinds of free movies show the audience the whole process behind war, and how it devastates everyone involved in it. They portray the real meaning of war, and put us on the feet of the veterans and their families for a few hours. We get to live a segment of the life from those who went to war, and whose grief lasts longer than just a couple of hours.

Sep 12

Top Movies At The Cinemas Right Now – September 2016

By Tammy Solano | News , Reviews , Screenings , Top Movies

There are many movies at the theater right now for you to choose from! The choice can be downright overwhelming for you to handle! If this is how you feel about it, the following overview of movies which are currently being shown in the theater will solve any problems you may have when it comes to choosing the right one. So, let’s begin with the following question:

5af50032d541aff68fc52e3c4e9b72a1How To Choose The Right Movie?

It’s easy all you have to do is decide what you want to watch. Or let me oversimplify it for you, how do you want to feel when watching this movie. Do you want to laugh your ass of, or do you want to cry, do you want to feel the intensity of a thriller or do you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon with the kiddies? Let’s see what our options are.

The Child In You Might Want To See

If you like animated movies, or if you are going to the cinema with a child, you may want to choose from the following.

Pete’s Dragon

This amazing movie is not just a story about a child; it is a story about friendship. And we all know how much friendship is important in our lives. If you want to, truly enjoy great animation and an equally amazing plot line this might be the one for you.

The Secret Life Of Pets

la-vida-secretas-de-tus-mascotas-pelicula-completa-en-espanol-latinoThis amazing movie has my kudos! It is immensely funny, and it is superbly animated. It remains to be seen whether it will leave and equally amazing impression on you, but you will surely not make a mistake if you go to see it.

Girls Night To The Movies!

If you are having a girls’ night out to the movies, you will never go wrong with these picks.

bridget-jones-baby-movie-poster-480x625Bridget Jones’s Baby

She is finally back! The girls we loved for years and that has been there for each of our breakups is finally here once again, still searching for Mr. Right, still confused about her single status and still trying to put a brave face on and conquer London as a journalist. You will be more than glad to see this movie, as it is more like catching up with an old friend than going to see a movie.

Bad Moms

There are good moms, and then there are them, who have refused to live their lives as other people tell them or expect from them. If you have a problem with that, then you have no humor! Honestly, this movie will make you laugh your ass of as it is great fun!

If You Are Looking For Some Action

For all of you who are hungry for some action here are the top picks!


maxresdefaultThis amazing move has a great plotline, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire time!

Mechanic: Ressurection

This is certainly a great action movie and it is a great one to see at the movies.