Top Movies At The Cinemas Right Now – September 2016

By Tammy Solano | News

Sep 12

There are many movies at the theater right now for you to choose from! The choice can be downright overwhelming for you to handle! If this is how you feel about it, the following overview of movies which are currently being shown in the theater will solve any problems you may have when it comes to choosing the right one. So, let’s begin with the following question:

5af50032d541aff68fc52e3c4e9b72a1How To Choose The Right Movie?

It’s easy all you have to do is decide what you want to watch. Or let me oversimplify it for you, how do you want to feel when watching this movie. Do you want to laugh your ass of, or do you want to cry, do you want to feel the intensity of a thriller or do you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon with the kiddies? Let’s see what our options are.

The Child In You Might Want To See

If you like animated movies, or if you are going to the cinema with a child, you may want to choose from the following.

Pete’s Dragon

This amazing movie is not just a story about a child; it is a story about friendship. And we all know how much friendship is important in our lives. If you want to, truly enjoy great animation and an equally amazing plot line this might be the one for you.

The Secret Life Of Pets

la-vida-secretas-de-tus-mascotas-pelicula-completa-en-espanol-latinoThis amazing movie has my kudos! It is immensely funny, and it is superbly animated. It remains to be seen whether it will leave and equally amazing impression on you, but you will surely not make a mistake if you go to see it.

Girls Night To The Movies!

If you are having a girls’ night out to the movies, you will never go wrong with these picks.

bridget-jones-baby-movie-poster-480x625Bridget Jones’s Baby

She is finally back! The girls we loved for years and that has been there for each of our breakups is finally here once again, still searching for Mr. Right, still confused about her single status and still trying to put a brave face on and conquer London as a journalist. You will be more than glad to see this movie, as it is more like catching up with an old friend than going to see a movie.

Bad Moms

There are good moms, and then there are them, who have refused to live their lives as other people tell them or expect from them. If you have a problem with that, then you have no humor! Honestly, this movie will make you laugh your ass of as it is great fun!

If You Are Looking For Some Action

For all of you who are hungry for some action here are the top picks!


maxresdefaultThis amazing move has a great plotline, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire time!

Mechanic: Ressurection

This is certainly a great action movie and it is a great one to see at the movies.

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